Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moove Over, Ordinary Birthday Party!!!


My girl turned 9 this month, and like any 9 year old girl, she wanted to have a "cool" birthday party.  As my kids get older, it is harder to find a place to celebrate that they will enjoy and that is geared for the tween crowd.

But I did it.

I found a little hidden gem right here in the neighborhood...MOOVE!!!


MOOVE! has everything your tween could want in a birthday's kinda like a nightclub for the younger crowd.  They have private rooms, dancing, games, karaoke on stage, xBox Kinect on a big screen TV, foosball, a giant chalkboard, basketball, a glow room, lasers, hula hoops, food, drinks, a deejay...I mean, seriously, I want to have my birthday party here!

Every birthday party includes a party host (Moove Groover), who leads the group in dances and games that your kiddo gets to choose in advance.  The birthday kids are recognized and can get up onstage (with or without their guests) for a performance of their favorite song.  They are the STAR of the show, and they LOVE it!

Moove Halloween004 copy

MOOVE! also offers programs for seniors, Zumba classes for families, kids and those with special needs, LIVE music nights, open mike nights, under 18 concerts, and Parents' Nights Out!  Julie (the owner) is all about the kids, and providing a place for the under 18 crowd to hang out and perform. 

I took my kids and their friends to the Austin Young concert just before my daughter's birthday...the three opening acts were kids who had auditioned for the gig.  As the opening acts, they got to hang out with Austin and learn some tricks of the trade.  One of the bands featured friends of my oldest!  It was WAAAAYYY cool, and very touching to see such support for our young, local musicians!  Annnnd, oh yeah, we had a blast!

Check out MOOVE! online, book your party today, and tell them that Go Go Family sent you! :)