Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bugs, Butterflies & Boo! (aka...Getting Over My Fear of Butterflies)

Butterfly Pavilion - Bug-a-Boo
Saturday & Sunday, October 19th - October 20th
9AM - 5PM 

I am afraid of butterflies.
My kids (and the hubs) think this is HILARIOUS.
It all started with the Miller Moth Invasion of 1992.  We couldn't even leave the porch light on or 20 of those little buggers would come in the house with us.  They were in my truck, outside, and in my house...constantly banging into my face and head.
Despite the fact that my hubs will take more than one picture of me with my mouth agape, silently screaming, I am REALLY looking forward to bringing the fam to the Butterfly Pavilion for the Bug-A-Boo this year.  My three year old has actually been asking to go, since the Middle is headed there on a field trip next week.  The hubs WILL be holding Rosie (because he is afraid of her, and let's be honest...I GOTTA get a picture of THAT).  AND we get to go trick or treating and hang with a giant praying mantis.  I mean, seriously, what could be better than that?
"Experience Metro Denver's favorite Halloween event - Bug-A-Boo at Butterfly Pavilion! Celebrate the fall season dressed in your Halloween best while enjoying indoor trick-or-treating, creepy crawly activities, a parade led by Pete the Mantis, and lots more fun for the whole family to enjoy! Kick off the holiday a week early!"

You can visit The Butterfly Pavilion year round, and you will want to bring this coupon!
$2 off admission for up to 4 people!

Safety + Spookiness = FUN! at The Chrildren's Museum!

Children's Museum of Denver - Trick or Treat Street
Oct 25th - 27th
9am - 7:30 pm
Break out the costumes and get ready for some safe Halloween fun!  I am taking my family to the Children's Museum Trick or Treat Street, and we are ALREADY excited.  My 3 year old has been donning his dino costume for several days now...not sure it's going to make it to October!
From the museum:
"We're bringing in pumpkins, hay bales and heaps of spooktacular fun to make the Children's Museum a playful wonderland for children and adults alike! For three days, the Museum will host fairies, goblins, superheroes and all sorts of costumed characters. Families can parade from one Treat House to the next collecting goodies, create classic Halloween crafts like "Noodle-Boned Skeletons" and "Dirty Desserts," play carnival games on the plaza, stroll through Pumpkin Hill, take a spin on Vern's Mini Train* and much more. It's the ultimate Halloween adventure, bursting with fun for everyone. Visit mychildsmuseum.org for a complete schedule of events. Activities included with Museum admission. *Vern's Mini Train is $2 per ride."
The Children's Museum is not just for Halloween, and now you can get a GREAT BOGO deal on Wednesdays!

Coupon offer: 2 for 1 Wednesday Nights

Monday, September 16, 2013

Get Your Clown on at Ringling Bros!

The Circus is coming to Denver, and I will be taking my "circus" to see it!  We have gone to see Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus every year since my oldest was one...he is now twelve and he STILL looks forward to it.  So, break out your own clown nose, and get your tickets now!

(You can get discount tickets if you buy your tickets before October 2nd...see the link and code below!)

"Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Built To Amaze!รข„ , the 143rd edition of the Greatest Show On Earth coming to Denver Coliseum on October 3-6 and Pepsi Center on October 9-13. Surprise and wonder delights audiences with over the top feats of strength, agility and courage. As the momentum builds so does the anticipation, anything can happen when Ringling Bros. Presents Built To Amaze! Circus performers from across the globe create the perfect blend of athleticism and bravery, where power meets fearlessness and amazement has no bounds. Magnificent elephants, ferocious tigers, astonishing acrobats and awe-inspiring aerialists are engineered into one spectacular performance. Celebrate the tradition TODAY and experience its modern flare of twists and turns where excitement and suspense are so intense you'll be tempted to cover your eyes."

Coming to Two Denver Locations: 
Denver Coliseum, Oct. 3-6
Pepsi Center, Oct. 9-13


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pleygo...the "Net-flix" for Legos!

I can't tell you how excited I am about this program...and any mom or dad who's house is overrun by Legos will be as excited as I am!

I am going to try out Pleygo...a Net-flix like service for Lego lovers!  I will let you all know how it goes, but in the meantime, you can get a month *FREE*!

Check this out:

"Pleygo is a Net-Flix like service for Legos!  Subscribe, rent, play, and exchange sets of LEGOs unlimited times per month.  Shipping is always free both ways and sets are sanitized when returned.  We offer a convenient, quick, and inexpensive solution that relieves clutter and saves space at home while saving money.  Co-Founded by influential parenting blogger and creator of A-List mom Elina Furman, Plegyo is the perfect way to supply your child with endless developmental tools and allow for that much needed quiet time at home!

http://www.usfamilyguide.com/_photogallery/2462.jpg               http://www.usfamilyguide.com/_photogallery/2460.jpg

Three levels of subscription starting at just $15 allow you to find the plan that best suits you.  We offer credit towards you account for sets and mixed bricks that you donate to us, and we provide the shipping label too!  Pleygo is a perfect gift for a family friend, loved one, or birthday party.  Purchase a gift subscription and send it with a special message from you!  We are constantly expanding our inventory with more sets!"

Receive your First Month FREE at
or directly at www.Pleygo.com to register!