Friday, May 4, 2012


A sea of Lego Bricks invites children and adults alike!
If your kiddo is into Lego Bricks at all, you must attend Lego KidsFest!  This huge event is a Lego Lover's dream...from Lego sculptures that are bigger than my 6'6" husband to a sea of loose Lego Bricks, your Lego Fan could not ask for more!

Did you know that Lego prefers that their toys be referred to as Lego "Bricks", not Legos?  I didn't. :)

Tickets are sold to the event in 2 1/2 hour sessions, and at least here in Denver, several sessions were sold out ahead of time.  There are several places to purchase food, and you cab visit the Lego store if you are in the market for a new kit or two.  But, the real fun starts on the floor...

Monochromatic sections were interspersed throughout the Convention Center location, which was fun for all ages.  Even my toddler got into stacking the pink Lego Bricks as high as he could.  Classes and contests were offered during each session, but be sure to get there and sign up early as they fill up quickly.  Demonstrations popped up here and there...a favorite was a bridge built to hold weights (although I think the REAL favorite was when that bridge was obliterated under 20lbs!).

Have a pressing question about building with Lego Bricks?  Ask a Master Model Builder...there are several roaming around each KidsFest!

If your kiddo is not a member already, it is worth the stop to sign up for a free, two year membership to Club Lego.  It includes a magazine subscription that my almost 11 year old still looks forward to getting in the mail (How much snail mail does one get these days?  It is a fun treat for anyone!).  Or sign up here:

Get your tickets now for your town!  It is definitely worth the money you will spend...a true experience for your Lego Builder and your whole family!

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