Sunday, September 9, 2012

Do You Have "Street Smarts"?

My youngest turned two on Friday, and his obsession with Elmo got me thinking about MY younger years when I was a regular visitor to The Street.  I googled Sesame Street ( I know my friend Jeni will LOVE that I did that), and came across some fun factoids.  Several sites (and days) later, I completed my very own quiz...and decided to test my friends' knowledge of what is, perhaps, the most well-known kids' show out there.  It's amazing what you remember - and what you don't - from your childhood.

Test your Street Smarts below...DON'T GOOGLE, YOU CHEATERS!!!!! ;)

I will post the answers on Wednesday.  Good Luck, and remember...Elmo loves you!

Do You Have “Street Smarts”?

  1. What year did Sesame Street premiere?    
  2. What is Elmo’s favorite food?    
  3. Most of the Sesame Street Muppets are built without expressions.  Name the two who were constructed with a built-in smile.    
  4. What are Cookie Monster’s cookies made of?
  5. How tall is Big Bird?   
  6. Which Muppet gives the Spanish Word of the Day?    
  7. Who are Oscar the Grouch’s pets (name/animal)?
  8. How old is Elmo?   
  9. What is the Count’s full name?     
  10. Who is Sesame Street’s newest Muppet?   
  11. What are the Amazing Mumford’s magic words?
  12. What is the name of Bert’s pet pigeon?  
  13. Who did Elmo fall in love with and want to marry?   
  14. Who are the three remaining original cast members of Sesame Street?
  15. What is Snuffy’s real name?
  16. What religion does Baby Bear practice?   
  17. Carroll Spinney, who plays Big Bird, also plays another Muppet.  Which one? 
  18. How many celebrity guests have appeared on Sesame Street?    
  19. Which cast member died in 1983, prompting Sesame Street to write an Emmy-winning episode dealing with death?   
  20. What color was Grover during the first season of Sesame Street?   
  21. In what year did Elmo move to Sesame Street?
  22. What is Big Bird’s Teddy bear’s name?
  23. Name the seven original Muppets who lived on Sesame Street.
  24. Who currently runs Mr. Hooper’s store?   
  25. Who is Maria and Luis’ daughter?    
  26. Who was Sesame Street’s only deaf character?
  27. What is Mr. Noodle’s brother’s name?
  28. Who is the host of Monsterpiece Theater?
  29. Who lives in Ernie’s flowerbed?
  30. What kind of bird is Big Bird?
  31. Name five human characters from Sesame Street.
  32. What kind of animal is Rosita?
  33. What is Telly’s favorite shape?
  34. Finish this line: Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where ___   ___   ___  ___!
  35. How many episodes of Sesame Street have aired since its debut?

How did Jim Henson come up with the unique name for the puppet characters - Muppets - on Sesame Street?

The steps at 123 Sesame Street (next to Oscar’s trash can) are featured in another television show from the 80’s.  What is that show?


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