Friday, August 30, 2013

Two Times the Fun at Elitch Gardens!

First up in our "Where to Take ALL of Your Kids to Have Fun" Series...

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Denver, CO

I have to admit, we had not been to Elitch Gardens for years...
and our main reason was because we have multiple aged kids.

Too hard, we said.
The little one will have nothing to do, we said.
Too long of a day, we said.
Two parks...yikes, we said.

Sooooo, yeah, we were wrong.


We ALL had a blast at Elitch Gardens!  There was literally something for everyone!  I was surprised to find that my youngest could go on a lot of rides in the regular park, not to mention all the awesome, geared-toward-the-younger-crowd Kiddie Land.  I took him on the Spider, and we spun around like maniacs...and he LOVED it.  My 12 year old had all of the thrill rides at his beck and call, and he even managed to drag me on a few...I had forgotten how fun the Sidewinder is!  My 8 year enjoyed everything, once we managed to convince her to go on the rides!  She was so excited to have bragging rights when she started school this year ("Mom, I have the best stories for when they make us write about our summer!").

Jumping Jack

And this was just the morning.

Hook's Lagoon
After we ate lunch, we hit the water park.  We were all grateful for the break from the heat!  We rode the family rides together and then made our way to the Commotion Ocean and Hook's Lagoon.  (I think my kiddos could have stayed there all day.)  The bigger kids were excited to ride the slides while my youngest rode the slides in Hook's lagoon...over and over and over again!

I thought we might stay for a few hours.

We ended up shutting the park down!

Needless to say, Elitch Gardens passed my test.  My kids were exhausted by the time we got home, but they could not stop talking about their day and went to sleep with smiles on their faces.
If you have one kid, or 2, or 6, take will not regret it!

My Mommy Hints:

Thanks to Jessie's advice, we went on a Monday.  I ranted over the lack of crowds
and lines.  I would DEFINITELY try to go that day.

Invest in water shoes for everyone in your family.
The ground gets hot and sensitive soles will thank you for it!

Lockers are available, and worth it!

Take advantage of season is almost impossible to fit everything in,
and your kids WILL want to go back.

Get there as soon as it will want to make the most of your time!


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