Saturday, July 20, 2013

Adventure on The Delaware!

Part 2 of my Mini-Series, Fun Family Things to do in the Bucks County Area

Who doesn't love tubing down the river???  Not this family!!!  We had a blast on the Delaware, thanks to Rick and the gang down at Bucks County River Country, who is in their 48th year in Bucks County!

Thanks to all of the rain we got, the river was running high, so the Littlest stayed with Nana while the rest of us hit the was safety first so the under 18 crowd wore life jackets.  (As a mom, I appreciated the fact that the website has a scrolling update to water conditions, and that safety was of the utmost concern.)

After parking the car, we picked out tubes based on weight (there was a range for each size, so don't worry, ladies!).  We loaded onto a repurposed school bus for a quick jaunt upstream, which was fun in and of itself!  (Depending on the length of tubing time chosen, the bus drops you off at different spots.) 

HINT:  Be sure to bring rope to tie the tubes together if you plan on staying as a group.  Especially when the river is running high, it moves fast, and it's easy to get separated!  Bucks County River Country does have rope for sale if you forget.

Once we got in the water, all bets were off!  Splashing ensued, kids fell out of their tubes (on purpose) and laughing echoed off of the beautiful trees, rocks and houses that line the river.  It really is a gorgeous place to relax and float...I think the best that PA and NJ has to offer.  Dragonflies showed up for the party, landing on knees, toes and fingers...I wish I had a waterproof camera to capture the adventure!

(I also decided that I would love to chill and read a book whilst floating down the river...I'm guessing I'll have to wait a few years for that dream!  LOL!)

The trip lasted about two hours, and we floated right into the place where we left the car.  It was super well laid out and pretty darn convenient for families!

HINT: Fill your belly on site at The Riverside Cafe...there is a cute little beachy place to enjoy your food before or after your ride.  Or...visit the snack and supply cart for all of your tubing needs.
You know I love a discount, and you will not be disappointed in the coupons and discounts that the Bucks County River Country offers...just check their website before you go, and then tell them that Christen from Go Go Family sent ya!  (OK, so that MIGHT not get you a discount, but it's pretty fun to imagine people saying it!)

Thanks, Rick & the entire Bucks County River Country family...we had a blast and will DEFINITELY be back next summer (the hubs says without the kids for a!)!!!

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