Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feeling blue??? That's a GOOD thing!!! :)

Smurfette and Vexy Come to Visit...

We are feeling very blue at our house...


Smurfette and Vexy (one of the Naughties), stars of the new Smurfs 2 movie, came to our house to play (many thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop!)!  My 12 year old BOY pounced on Vexy...yes, I said my TWELVE YEAR OLD BOY.  My 8 year old took them on a playdate (she almost refused to bring them back), and my almost three year old bawled when he had to go to bed without his new friends!  (Is it bad that I kinda wanted to keep them both in MY room???)

I know you've all heard of Build-A-Bear, and you probably know all about my favorite part of the experience...the outfits!!!  You will not be disappointed in the Smurftastic outfits and accessories available for your Smurf or other stuffed pal!  Check them out here:

The Smurfs 2 opened today to rave reviews (even better than the first one, they say!), and you know every kid loves to take home their very characters from the movies!  Most of the time, it's a trinkety toy from a Happy Meal, but you won't want to toss these new stuffed friends from Build-A-Bear!  They are awesome, and your kiddo will remember the experience of creating their new friend with you for a looooong time.  What's better than creating a memory with your family?


If you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to head to BABW, now is the time!  Who doesn't love the Smurfs?  They are nostalgic and hip, great for all ages (my 12 year old, remember???), and just all around fun!  And's okay to feel blue when you're hanging with the Smurfs!

Be sure to visit Build-A-Bear before the Smurfs and the Naughties before they disappear through the portal!

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