Sunday, July 28, 2013

Learn through play at the PLEASE TOUCH MUSEUM!!!!

 Part 3 of my Mini-Series, Fun Family Things to do in the Bucks County Area

Hey Parents....

This is seriously your "Dream-Come-True" museum.  They WANT your kid to touch everything.  EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Run, don't walk, to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA!!!

My sister and I took our kids (ages 1, almost 3, almost 3 and 8) to the Please Touch Museum on Eagles Day.  We prepared for some serious wrangling (where did we put those leashes???), "hired" the 8 year old to be our helper, and steadied ourselves as we walked through the front doors of the historic building.  I mean, preschoolers in a museum?  The thought is EXHAUSTING, right?

Oh.  My.  Word.
Best. Museum. EVER.

I'm not sure I can adequately describe the Please Touch Museum.  The really want the kiddos to touch.  In fact, everything in the joint encourages them to touch.  And everything in there is AMAZING!

Our kids...
  • drove a bus
  • rode on a subway, a trolley, a train, a motorcycle
  • worked in a grocery store, hospital, construction site, train station, McDonald's, a shoe store, Rita's Water Ice, and a food cart
  • exercised at the gym (with mini equipment!!!)
  • climbed a rock wall
  • ran around a mini track
  • visited Alice in Wonderland
  • hung out in City Park
  • launched rockets
  • went to the moon
  • banged on drums in the rainforest
  • played with a giant snake
  • ran a household
  • made things go
  • completed a maze
  • fixed a car
  • walked on the gigantic piano that was featured in the movie "Big"
Blast off!

Grocery Shopping

Let's go for a ride on the City Bus!
Go ask Alice...
And sooooooooo much more!  They even participated in an Eagles Pep Rally, which was adorable, by the way. 
The Eagles Mascot Swoop visited the museum for Eagles Day!

You and your kids could literally spend all day at this place, and you will want to, so get there early!  We brought our lunch and ate near the (really cool) carousel, but there was also a great restaurant (Please Taste Cafe) right inside the museum.  The bathrooms were nicely placed all over the museum (and they were clean!), which was super helpful to us moms of the potty training crowd.  One of my favorite things about the museum was the very helpful staff members that were stationed in each of the exhibits.

The Please Touch Museum has events all summer long, so you will want to check the calendar before you plan your trip.  They are even hosting each of the area sports teams to support their newest exhibit, The Grow Games, which is part of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! program!

If you are looking for an awesome place to have a birthday party, look no further...your kiddo's friends will be talking about it for weeks!

Honestly, I couldn't give the Please Touch Museum a higher recommendation.  If you have kids up to age 8, you NEED to go!  Check out their website for more info:

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