Monday, October 7, 2013

We Loved Clowning Around at The Circus!


My family loves the circus.  It has become a tradition to "get our clown on" every October, and my kids start asking about it in the summertime.  The dig out their clown noses and start adding cotton candy to the grocery list.  And we all get excited when the weather starts to change, because we know that it is almost circus time.

This year, the Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey show did not disappoint!  There were new acts (we LOVED the trampoline guys!) and old favorites.  My three year old literally danced in the aisles to the catchy tunes, and my trumpet player was fascinated with the band. 


We were all on the edge of our seats when the tightrope walkers rode bikes across the wire, and when the dudes jumproped on the twirling Steel Vortex (itt freaks me out EVERY time). 

And the clowns...THE CLOWNS!!!  New Ringmaster sidekicks, Alex and Irina Emelin, stole the show!

There is still time to get tickets and see the show at The Pepsi runs from Oct. 9th to the 13th.  Do not miss out on The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

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